Course redesign generally refers to a national movement headed by the National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT) to 
improve student success rates and retention by restructuring an entire course, moving it away from the traditional lecture-style delivery of mathematics. It is often accompanied by the recognition that today’s mathematics students have a better opportunity for success when they learn mathematics in context, with conceptual, real-world examples that give meaning to the mathematics.

Many redesigned courses (especially developmental), move away from traditional lectures and instead utilize the MyMathLab or MyLabsPlus webbased platforms for concept and homework delivery, just-in-time help, and a variety of multi-media learning experiences for students. Of course, central to this delivery method is a quality textbook.

Without a lecture, the textbook becomes an invaluable part of each student’s individualized learning experience. By simply “plugging” a
traditional textbook into an online learning environment, we do little more than eliminate the lecture from an otherwise traditional course.

More than ever, today’s students need a readable textbook that will help them visualize math in context, with multiple representations.
By seeing mathematics symbolically, numerically, and graphically, students are given the opportunity to grasp an entire mathematical
concept far beyond memorization.

If you are interested in learning more about our personal experiences with course redesign or how our all-in-one Developmental
Mathematics text has been used to improve success rates in a lab-based, modular system using MyMathLab or MyLabsPlus, please

Terry Krieger has been involved in a modular course redesign effort at Rochester Community and Technical College in Rochester, MN. If you have recently attended one of Terry’s course redesign presentations, further information can be found below.

  • Course Redesign Presentations
    PDF copies of Terry’s redesign presentations can be found here.
  • Course Binder
    Copies of the materials in his Course Coordinator Binder are available in a single PDF or zipped folder containing the individual pages as PDFs.
  • MyMathLab Course
    You can copy Terry’s MyMathLab course using the course ID: krieger83312