The videos and presentations listed below were given at various keynote and invited speaking engagements. With many instructors expressing a desire to share these presentations with students and colleagues, they have been made available here for viewing. Because of copyright concerns, portions of the slide shows and some video clips may have been omitted.


Keynote and Invited Presentations

How Mathematics Transforms the World

Mathematics is playing an essential role in not only the natural sciences, but also in the social sciences  But is this only the beginning of an even bigger and more powerful role that mathematics will assume in the future?  Mathematics is much more than a tool for science, and it often guides how people think about the world.  This entertaining multimedia presentation explains why it is a great time to be a mathematician.


Mathematics and the Human Experience

Although students often believe that mathematics is irrelevant to their lives, mathematics and the human experience are actually not only connected, but inseparable. This multimedia presentation discusses how art, observation, and intuition motivate discoveries in mathematics.  Then in turn mathematics opens doors to realities that defy human intuition and observation.


Why Students Need Modeling

As instructors, we not only want our students to learn skills, but we also want them to understand how to use mathematics. This presentation explains through real-life examples, how modeling helps students increase both their skills and the ability to apply mathematics to the world around them.


Is People’s Behavior Predictable? Part 1
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Mathematics has an uncanny ability to make predictions in science and engineering. But does mathematics have the same potential to model human behavior that is at times non-rational? This entertaining multimedia presentation explains how the important role of mathematics in the social sciences is continuing to expand.


“Traditional” Mathematics Revealed Part 1
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As we search for teaching methods that help students connect with mathematics, insights can be gained by looking deeper into our mathematical roots. This entertaining multimedia presentation will unveil some surprising traditions in the history of mathematics and will challenge what it really means to teach mathematics in a "traditional" way.


The Amazing Impact of Mathematics on Society Part 1
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A recent Wall Street Journal article ranked mathematicians as having the best occupation. But is this only the beginning of a new role and even greater power that mathematics will assume in the future? This entertaining multimedia presentation explains how mathematics has and continues to transform the world around us.